TV Challenge Advertising Opportunities

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Looking for an opportunity to join an ever-growing list of sponsors who have reaped the benefits of partnering with our community's best information source for racers of all ages? Email us today for more information! 


Our rates will vary with the locations on each page of the site. The greater visibility of the location, the higher the rate. Please email us for current rates. 


Would you like your company's ad to appear in front of a race video on the "Photos / Videos" section of our website? Then email us for pricing today! 

Title Sponsorships

Each series, promotion, and even the site itself are eligible for title sponsorship; i.e. "Your Company Presents the Example Race Series." This will greatly increase your company's visibility as your company name will not only appear on the website, it will appear on all related media such as brochures, signage, videos, and t-shirts. Please email us for current rates (note that sponsorship of a series is not the same as the sponsorship of individual races).