Tuscarawas Valley Challenge

How to Participate

Any runner is eligible to compete in the TVC. The object of the TVC is to participate - a lot! In fact, the more you participate in the races that comprise the TVC, the more that you can win at the end of the year.
To participate, you must complete the online entry form found on this site.  If you have already participated in the TVC, you are already signed up.

What is the cost to Participate?

Just the individual race entry fees. There is not longer a cost to enter the TVC.

Age Groups

They no longer exist in the TVC. The idea is to support as many races as possible in the TVC. You are rewarded the same no matter your age.


The Quaker Cinema Cups had a nice 20 year run, but they have been retired. You are now rewarded merely for participating. The rewards are as follows: